Monitoring and reporting

On behalf of its members, ECA monitors and reports on regulatory developments of interest to the cocoa sector.

These cover a variety of areas: from food safety and quality to trade issues, transport, sustainability initiatives and customs.

In particular, ECA closely monitors the implementation and future development of EU legislation on contaminants and on pesticides.  It does so by ensuring that results of the research conducted in collaboration with its partners feed into the decision-making process.

In addition, ECA reports on the state of play of negotiations on Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), as well as Free Trade Agreements between the EU and relevant cocoa producing and consuming countries. Customs issues such as Preferential and Non-Preferential  Rules of Origin are also of utmost importance for trade.

Finally, ECA monitors European policy on transport and any other public policy area that can be of interest to the members of the association.

The ECA Secretariat has developed strong links with the European Institutions and other European trade associations in the trade and commodities sector. The Association collaborates on various issues with representatives of Member States, third countries and international organisations, in Brussels and elsewhere. ECA makes its voice heard through open consultations launched by the services of the Commission and through face-to-face meetings with relevant stakeholders.

ECA members are informed of developments  through regular updates, ECA Fact Sheets, and ECA newsletters.