Recent and Upcoming ECA Meetings


Workshop on the Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus (CSSV) - Joint Research Fund

18&19 May 2017 (Reading, UK)

PFP Board Meeting

2 May 2017 (Brussels)

PFP Workshop on New Plant Breeding Techniques

24 April 2017 (Brussels)

CEN/ISO meeting

22 February 2017 (Amsterdam)

Meeting between ECA's Secretary General Mrs. Catherine Entzminger and representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon to the Kingdom of Belgium and the EU

31 January 2017 (Brussels)

Joint Residual Library Training

26 January 2017 (Brussels)


ECA Board Meeting: 29 November 2016 (London)

ECA Board Meeting: 9 February 2017 (Zurich)

ECA Board and General Members Meeting: 12 June 2017 (Paris)

ECA Board Meeting: 7 September 2017 (Bordeaux)

ECA Board and General Members Meeting: 6 December 2017 (Amsterdam)


Working Groups:

ECA-CAOBISCO Contaminants WG: 11 April 2017 (Brussels)

ECA-CAOBISCO-FCC Quality and Productivity WG: 12 April 2017 (Brussels)

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